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Arrow targets IoT for Elmia Subcontractor

News   •   Nov 14, 2017 14:04 GMT

Morten Kreiberg Block shows how sensors from Arrow work in a parking application. The solution will also be shown during Elmia Subcontractor.

Sensors on rubbish containers can help a recycling company make major energy savings. The solution was developed by the Finnish success company Enevo with help from Arrow Electronic.

At Elmia Subcontractor Arrow is showing how the system functions in real life.

The solution analyses the need to empty the rubbish containers and thereby increases a recycling company’s efficiency and profitability. The Finnish company Enevo is behind the innovation. Arrow helped to develop the sensors and supplied components for the service.

“Thanks to the solution, companies can now plan their routes better by seeing which containers need emptying or not,” explains Morten Kreiberg Block, Engineering Director Nordic at Arrow Electronics. “This can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. This is a good example of how we have the technology to do things in a smart way that doesn’t impact the environment.

“It’s also an interesting business model in which the manufacturer of the sensors gives them for free to the owners of the containers. The sensor company then earns money by getting some of the savings that are made. We believe that other companies would also like to install sensors based on such a business model.”

Arrow Electronics has a long history as a supplier of electronic components but it is more than just that. As early as the 1980s it started the division Enterprises Computing Solutions, which supplies innovative IT solutions to companies. Investing in the Internet of Things is therefore self-evident. Arrow markets its venture with the slogan “From Sensor to Sunset”.

“It means that we can build and supply a complete IoT solution with all the necessary building blocks: sensors, gateways, the cloud, data processing and presentation. ‘From Sensors to Sunset’ represents the various elements and building blocks necessary for the Internet of Things. We are an end-to-end solutions supplier and that’s also our message here at Elmia Subcontractor,” Morten Kreiberg Block adds.

For the first time all the divisions of Arrow Electronics are represented at Elmia Subcontractor: Arrow Components, Arrow Intelligent Systems, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions and Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions.

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