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Husqvarna tempts with a new chain and updated knees

News   •   Jun 08, 2017 13:58 BST

Niklas Sarius demonstrates how the filing template for the Husqvarna X-Cut works. Photo: Elmia AB

At Elmia Wood Husqvarna is presenting its new chainsaw chain, the X-Cut, developed and manufactured just a few dozen kilometres from the fairgrounds. The company is also offering many new clothing options, ranging from newly developed knees to a special collection for women.

Niklas Sarius has been involved in developing the new chain at the factory in Huskvarna.

“We want to create the best possible chain for our saw,” he says. “The saw and the chain should form a strong unit together. Immediately you take your saw out of the box you should know that it’s optimised to perform.”

This is the first time that Husqvarna is offering its own chain. The intention is to give customers added value.

“We pre-stretch the chain right at the factory. That increases the time it can be used before it needs re-tensioning. The direct results are less downtime and less risk of damage from a slacking chain.”

Thanks to a careful choice of materials, the chain should also stay sharp longer.

“The microstructure of the material and the optimal composition of steel and chromium are unique and were developed to make the saw and chain unit stronger,” Sarius says. “With a stronger unit there is less wear on the guide bar, chain, drive wheel etc. The need for service is reduced. We also include a customised filing template that makes it easy to sharpen the chain correctly.”

New Tech-Knee

Husqvarna’s collection of protective clothing for chainsaw users has been updated in several ways for 2017. One is that the Technical Extreme trousers have been given a totally new solution at the knees. Husqvarna calls this function “Tech-Knee”:

“The knee area has been equipped with several layers of saw protection plus a layer to give better water resistance,” Anna-Maria Söderlund explains. “All the layers are pre-bent when they’re made, which gives better mobility and also improves the level of protection in situations where the trousers fit tight to the knee.”

Another innovation in the clothing line is that one model now also comes in a version for women. “It’s all demand driven. The trend is function and fit, so it feels good to also be able to offer this to women who work in the forest.”

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