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Ovako launches a new steel family with unique properties

News   •   Nov 15, 2017 18:52 GMT

Ovako has a tradition of launching new products at Elmia Subcontractor. This year they include the new steel family Hybrid Steel®, says Scandinavian sales manager Jukka Kivelö.

Steel producer Ovako has a tradition of launching major new products at Elmia Subcontractor. This year the company is presenting its innovative Hybrid Steel®.

“It’s a new steel family with unique properties,” says Jukka Kivelö, Ovako’s sales manager for Scandinavia.

By combining different properties from, for example, tool steel, maraging steel and stainless steel, Ovako has developed what is a world first: Hybrid Steel. At Elmia Subcontractor the company is launching the new steel family on the Nordic market.

“Similar steel has existed before but it has been very expensive to make,” Kivelö explains. “Now we can do it using our own high volume production process. Hybrid Steel has a good range of good properties, such as the fact that the steel retains its properties even when it is hot. This is important when manufacturing such things as engine components.”

Steel with a small climate footprint

Green Clean Steel is another important launch from Ovako, which bases its steel manufacturing on recycling and on electricity produced in the Nordic countries.

“The steel industry is responsible for ten percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and more and more attention is focusing on this fact. We produce the steel world’s cleanest steel, with a small climate footprint, and we’re working very hard to convey this fact to our customers,” Kivelö adds.

On Thursday between 11.30 and 12.30 both Hybrid Steel and Green Clean Steel will be presented at a lunch seminar at Functional Food in Hall B.

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