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World premiere for a wheel loader with stereo steering

Press Release   •   May 19, 2017 08:01 BST

Liebherr of Germany is holding the world premiere of its new loader 518 at Elmia Woods new section Load and Transport.

Liebherr of Germany is holding the world premiere of its new loader at Elmia Woods new section Load and Transport. Load and Transport focuses on logistics of raw materials from forest to industry.

The machine is called the 518 and is the largest so far with stereo steering.
“Stereo means articulated steering combined with a steerable rear axle,” explains Jörg Miethke, CEO of Liebherr Sweden.
Stereo steering already exists on some of Liebherr’s smaller loaders. The combination of articulated steering plus a steerable rear axlegives a more flexible machine with a tighter turning radius.
“There is also a lower risk that the centre of gravity ends up too far out during lifting. This means the machine can lift more,” Miethke says.

Updated loader

The updated L 580 LogHandler XPower loader is being presented for the first time in Sweden at Elmia Wood. It is designed for timber handling and has a newly developed driveline that combines hydrostatic drive and conventional forward drive. By using the method best suited to each situation it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 30 percent.

The third innovation from Liebherr is a new version of the LH 35 M Timber Litronic, a self-propelledcrane for timber handling. The chassis is new and it is now possible to attach a log trailer, which enables the machine to handle and transport timber by itself without the help of a truck.

New area at the fair

Elmia Wood 7–10 June 2017 is the premiere of the Load & Transport exhibition area, which focuses on the construction and maintenance of forest roads, the transport of forest raw materials, and timber handling at terminals and woodyards.

Elmia Wood 7–10 June
Elmia Wood is the world’s leading forestry fair and is held every four years outdoors in the forests south of Jönköping, Sweden. The last Elmia Wood (2013) had over 500 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from around the world and was widely reported on by the international trade press. On 7–10 June 2017 the global forest industry will meet again

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